Movie Review Nova Origins: Where Are the Aliens?

Topics: Life, Universe, Jupiter Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: July 27, 2011
Movie review Nova Origins: Where are the Aliens?

Aaron C. Micheal
Introduction to Astronomy, PHSY 101 (sec.001)

(Abstract) This was a film about if there were life form such as aliens, somewhere else in our world that are living organisms just like we have here on earth and if so where could they be found. What things should we search for out into the stars to find other sign of life, this film goes into detail and try to answer all of these important questions.

(Body) After watching this interesting film done by PBS called origins: where are the aliens? , this film went in detail about the question of are we not alone out there in the universe, are they some type of other life forms than the one that we know about here on earth and if so how would we be able to tell if there are extraterrestrial what sign should we look for. All these questions, scientist try to answer throughout this film but it seems like even they had trouble really clearly answering the question of where are the aliens. The researcher and scientist that research the extraterrestrial field have come up with ways to try to make first contact with any other life forms outside of earth if they are out there by using Doppler effect and radio signals and looking at the different type of strong of weak radio signals and looking for any type of signs or patterns they might be giving off and trying to pin point exactly where they signals are coming from. These researchers also wondering why humans always picture aliens or other life forms with similar face and body features like we have, what do they really look like, would they have eyes a nose and mouth like us? Question that are still left unknown, but what they do know is that first off they need to look for planets that are earth like and they also need to have an Jupiter planet which is key because it would protects our earth from the sun. Next probably the most important thing...
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