Movie Review Muallaf

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Rohana and Rohani experiences were attributed by their father and their step-mother. There is a main locus of causality attributing to their experiences. The two sisters ran off home as the father was being abusive, mainly towards Rohani where she was bald by him and the father was driven by their step-mother to behave in such abusive way. This whole scene is projected more towards the external attribution on the two sisters where the cause would be the father being abusive on his two children to fulfil his second wife’s inquires. Rohana and Rohani lived together in an old bungalow and survived on one small income which was being earned by Rohani. Rohani took a job in a pub to support herself and her sister, even though it is beyond her religious views. She did this because she had to protect her sister during the day from their father finding Rohana and taking Rohana away from her. And Rohani knew that she will be holding on to that job for only awhile until she reaches the legal age, where she will be handed over the trust fund that was left by their late mother.

Brian’s experiences are mainly attributed by his parents. One day, Brian was secretly reading an inappropriate magazine at a young age and his dad caught his act of doing so. Brian was dragged out of the house and abandoned naked by his dad on a street far away from his home. Brian was extremely infuriated on the embarrassing punishment that his father had carried out. Plus, his mother did not even say a word or helped him when he was dragged out of the house. At this point, the parents were trying to shape a better son and punishing him for his wrong doings. Under the stability concept of making attribution, the whole situation was an unstable cause, the father’s mood changed where he turned angry when he caught his son doing an inappropriate act. Brian held grudge against his parents by not returning home and being rude to his mother whenever she calls him back home or to church. He lives...
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