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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Movie Review Essay
"Inception" is a 2010 science fiction summer blockbuster filmed in various locations, such as Tokyo, France, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The box office hit was directed by London-born Christopher Jonathan James Nolan, who is well-known for the cult classic, "Memento", and his "Dark Knight" films. Along with American cinematographer, Walter "Wally" Pfister, equally well-known in his area of expertise, the motion picture has received critical acclaim. Nolan's interest in noir and abstract thought is apparent in many of his films, and "Inception" is no exclusion. As it is a film about dreams and cons, Nolan's style is incredibly fitting. Pfister, who has worked as the cinematographer for almost all of Nolan's films, adds to the movie's high quality with his characteristic use of dark tones and lighting, which only increases the movie's intrigue. Together, the two powerhouses team up once again to produce an incredible motion picture which has won numerous awards, such as the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

"Inception" is the story of a corporate spy by the name of Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who came to fame in the movie, "Titanic"). However, what is particular about Cobb is that he doesn't merely enter a company's building in search of commercial secrets. He actually enters the minds of his targets while they are asleep and extracts the data he wants via conning and deceiving. But now, wanted for murder and unable to see his children due to his circumstances, he is offered the opportunity to regain his old life if he manages to accomplish the impossible: 'inception', the planting of an idea into a target's mind, which then takes roots and grows. Gathering a group of specialist to assist him, Cobb begins to plan inception into the mind of a wealthy businessman.

The camera angles of the movie were rather simple. Most of the shots were so that the character's face was directed at the viewer while said...
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