Movie Review Helen of Troy

Topics: Iliad, Greek mythology, Agamemnon Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Helen of Troy
(Movie Review)

Sienna Guillory-----> Helen
Matthew Marsden---->Paris
Rufus Sewell---->Agamemnon
Stellan Skarsgard----> Theseus
John Rhys-Davies---->King Priam of Troy
Maryam d’Abo---->Queen Hecuba
Emilia Fox---->Cassandra
James Callis----->Menelaus
Daniel Lapaine---->Hector
Nigel Whitmey---->Odysseus
Joe Montana---->Achilles
    Helen of Troy is going to polarise audiences. As with any film based on a well-known work, there are always going to be those that have a problem with the particular interpretation. The Greek legends as told in the Iliad are some of the most enduring stories ever told. They are part of our everyday language. The character Achilles and his famous heel have given us the name for a part of the human body and an expression for a single weakness. The Trojan horse is also very well known, as is the face that launched a thousand ships, none other than Helen herself.     They have used the legend as a basis for this story but in my opinion have strayed a fair distance from the original. The Gods, who always played a very prominent role in the Greek legends, are almost completely absent. There are other major differences, such as the portrayal of Achilles. If I remember correctly, he was supposed to be wearing a complete set of armour that left only one weakness. Wearing what he does in this film, it seems a little pointless when he gets shot in the heel. Also, his character does not follow the original either.     This is the story of Helen of Troy, but it is told from just about every side except Helen's. The story is told by focusing on the other characters around her, the effect she has on them and the actions they take because of her. This leaves the character of Helen with what appears to be almost a minor part in a film about her. Whether she is the beauty that would launch a thousand ships I will leave up to the viewer, but I reckon that she could launch at least seven to...
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