Movie Review Crisis Paper

Topics: Epidemiology, Promiscuity, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Identify Crisis and Precipitating event
The crisis identified in the movie She is Too Young, school has an outbreak of syphilis. The precipitating event is due to teenagers’ engaging in unprotected promiscuous sexual activities. Hannah who is one of the main characters falls for the attentions of one of the schools popular guys, Nick Hartman. Nick has had countless number of sex partners and casually ignores the risk of his behavior. He successfully pressures Hannah to fellate him on their second date, and then unsuccessfully invites her to an orgy for their third. Dawn, another one of Hannah’s friends and, one of Nick's recent sexual partners, confesses that she's contracted syphilis, which leads to a investigation by public-health officials. Later, Hannah discovers she has also contacted syphilis along with dozens of infected students. How the Crisis was handled

One the out break is discovered, the public health department begins testing all the students who have had contact with Dawn. They send out memo’s to these students and instruct them to come and be test for the STD; the students that do show up and are found to have the infection are given a vaccine and information on how to prevent from contacting it in the future. Hannah’s mother joins the crusade to bring the parents together and confront the under aged partying and casual sex activities that has led the schools outbreak of syphilis. What differing perceptions of the crisis?

Clients’ perspective
Becca, one of Hannah’s friends like many of the other infected students were upset and fearful about the outbreak. Unlike Hannah, Becca continued her promiscuous behavior because she felt she was okay to continue after she had received treatment for the STD. Both Hannah and Becca were afraid to admit to their parents that they were infected. They were afraid that their how to their parents would them with view disappointment and disdain. When Hannah later told her mother she was...
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