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Movie Review - Ang Nawawala

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Movie Review - Ang Nawawala

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Let’s keep it real. Among all the movies I watched during this year’s Cinemalaya, this could be the one I can relate the most. I’m not a professional film critic. I just watch films and talk about it. That’s the most of it, I think. So, this film. Hmm. What can I say.

The story is simple, uh no, dynamic. How do you say that? Dynamically simple or Simply dynamic? In both ways, the movie told me a lot of things. It showed the struggles of a teenager whether it be love, family matters, passion or the society in general. ‘Ang Nawawala’ (What Isn’t There) brought me to a happy depression state, a playfully hard smack of reality and a sweet punch of bitterness. The film knows where to hit you with the right emotions. It’s quirky, it’s dramatic, it’s fun, it’s full of heartbreak. It’s real. Oh, and did I say it’s a HIPSTER movie? HAHA

It’s not your normal film that just tells about growing up and discovering the shits of life. It’s more of the unusual way of discovering life. Or maybe it’s just the real way we discover life - unprecedented, chaotic, random. But it still comes in a sequence, a chain that you just can’t figure out.

Music. The film played a lot on this matter. It showcased the universality of music. It’s the language of all. It’s an escape for others but a reality for some. It’s one of the things that connect your inner self to the real world. You forget about every thing when you plug those earphones and drift to the melody of the song. The film showed how an underground music society looks like - full of spirit, freedom and space. There is no boundary, it’s limitless. (I actually went to an underground music fest because of this film- well, I’ll write about it sometime :bd) Music has become Gibson’s (the films protagonist) temporary solution to drift away and clear the blurred thoughts in his head. There’s a lot of the Ph’s indie music bands out in the film. Some songs are actually cool. Yeaaah. Shut your eyes. Keep your thoughts away. Listen....

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