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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, French Revolution, Constitution Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: May 10, 2013
1)The Third Estate had many complaints and demands from the King. The third estate was considered to be the minority of France which included peasants, bourgeoisie, and urban laborers. The complaints of wanting fairer taxes, not owning their own land, landlords having too much power, and other things were brought up in assemblies of Estates General. These list of grievances, or cahiers de doleances, were drawn up in a list but there was no follow up by the king and also led to conflict between the estates from not wanting to lose any power or money.

French thinkers such as Abbe Sieyes’s had various theories about the Estates General and discussed this in a political pamphlet called “What is the Third Estate? “. Abbe Sieyes stated his opinion in quotes such as “It is not sufficient to show that privileged persons, far from being useful to the nation, cannot but enfeeable and injure it; it is necessary to prove further that the noble order does not enter at all into the social organization.” Abbe is basically discrediting nobles that are hereditary put into their positions. He clearly states that they are not useful to the nation and are part of the reason why the country is in a financial crisis. Abbe Sieyes also believed that there is no nation without the Third Estates in the quote “The Third Estate embraces then all that which belongs to the nation; and that which is not the Third Estate, cannot be regarded as being of the nation”. Abbe knew France couldn’t exist without them since the Third Estate is made up of peasants, workers, doctors, lawyers, and other important inner city figures. Other points were made in this political pamphlet but mostly are supporting factors to the importance of the Third Estates and dislike of the other estates.

Other political pamphlets were released to support the Third Estate such as “The Plight of the French Peasants” and “Grievances of the Third Estate” by French thinker Arthur Young. These were essential to causes for...
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