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How do the films of Zhang Yimou and Pang Ho-cheung reveal different sides of Chinese identity?

From the Cultural Revolution to the Reform and Opening, China has been changing a lot. The country, having the same land area as USA, inhabits fifty-six distinctive ethnic groups. So Chinese Identity is unique, is totally different from any other countries. The investigation studied about Chinese Identity by two typical films from director Zhang Yi-mou and Pang Ho-cheung. The following essay argues that what this two films talk about and how they reveal different sides of Chinese Identity through the different perspective between Hong Kong and the mainland. And are there anything in common? The subject is important to study precisely because Asia, especially China is the hot spot of the whole world now. And when we talks about a country, we should dig more about spirit aspect like personality or identity. I watched two films carefully and tried to find different sides of Chinese Identity through them. For example, they were both about love stories but with totally different endings. One happened under the Cultural Revolution background, presented as a very quite key. One happened in today’s Beijing, an opening situation and people love to exposure themselves. What makes the difference and the change about identity? The essay is structured in three parts: an introduction; two main sections of films analysing and conclusion. The essay reaches the conclusion that two films reveal different sides of Chinese Identity and what makes the change happen. And last but not least, China has changed so much but there is always something about spirit and identity that would never change.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor, Mr. Popat, for his assistance in completing this essay. I would also like to extend my thanks to the following libraries for making available some...

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