Movie Report : Apollo 13

Topics: Apollo 13, Apollo 11, Moon Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: July 7, 2011
"Apollo 13"
By starring Tom Hanks, Apollo 13 is a American drama film based on the book of "Last Moon" by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. At the begining, Jim (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Ken Mattingly (Gary Sinise) are the crew assigned to the Appllo 13 spacecraft. Their vision is to walk on the moon. However, few days before launching, Ken was informed that he could not fly because he had in exposed to the measles a week before. Jack Swigert took his place only with three days of preparation. Jim, as the leader of group, thought Jack was not the ideal partner, and doubted Jack's ability and experience if he have the possibility to undertake this important work. But at the moment, he accepted NASA's arrangement and gave the trust to Jack. Three days after launching, Jack was doing a routine procedure to stir the oxygen tanks, and found one of three oxygen tanks to being leaking. They had to give up their mission of Moon landing and shut down Odyssey's power, so it would keep them alive to go home. Undering the sudden unexpected situation, Gene Kranz who is the director of Apollo 13 in Houston's Mission Control Center, was quickly prompt in its response to these incidents. He decisively said :" we must bring them to home, and must not fail.", and then commanded each department of NASA rapidly promoting discussion of re-plan the flight plan. There were two opinions that faced in front of Gene making decision. One was using lunar module of spacecraft to fly around the moon and driving back. It would be very danger that there was not enough power to support their return. Another one is directly using power of command module to return. It would save the time, but likely cause the explosion of the spacecraft. Under the new vision of "bring them go home", Gene chose the security way, which fly around the moon, even it would make more troubles. This right decision is the most important fact causing the final success in the whole management. As another...
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