Movie Reaction Paper

Topics: Conflict, Interpersonal relationship, Impression management Pages: 6 (2231 words) Published: October 13, 2012
“The Proposal “Movie Reaction Paper

The Proposal is one of those "Laugh-Out-Loud Funny" movies. Showing the typical boss to coworker relationship, this movie brings out all the conflicts in everyday life, and shows how two people who hated each other fell in love. The Proposal also shows the watchers very important keys to communication. In this movie, there are times of impression management and selective perception, self-disclosure, assertiveness and compliance gaining, and lots of conflict. The two main characters in this movie is Sandra Bullock, starring as "Margaret", and Ryan Reynolds, starring as "Andrew”. Margaret is a very professional, yet demanding editor that tends to really intimidate everyone else around her at her work place. She has a lot of past hidden under her skin, but covers it up with her stern personality. She was not a very competent communicator in the beginning of the movie, but learned how to be by the end. During the beginning of the movie and throughout most of it, Margaret had troubles with her empathy and fairness in her communication. Although this was more noticeable in her conversations with people during a complementary exchange, it was still very clear to see through her actions. Margaret was too fixed on herself, and because of not trying to understand others, she came off as selfish and rude. Andrew is Margaret’s assistant. Although he has a spontaneous personality inside of him, he became tied down by Margaret over the past three years. His job was to do everything and anything that she had wanted, and it caused him to have to hide who he really was as a person. From the beautiful state of Alaska, Andrew comes from his big home on a lake with a family very down to earth. Andrew had left his hometown in determination to succeed as an editor, yet has been tied down to Margaret’s wrath and is never able to make the step he wanted. Overall, I find him as a very competent communicator but too passive as a person. Andrew listens to everything Margaret tells him and knows everything about her. He had to learn to be a competent communicator through his job and knows everything that he has to do each day. He is truthful, has integrity, fair, respectful, responsible, and empathetic. Although he communicates well, I feel that his passive personality can take over too much. Andrew is easily pushed around by Margaret and it becomes easy for others to control the relationship with him. This shows a lot when Margaret blackmails him to marry her. Impression management is the process of consciously trying to influence what others are thinking about us during an interaction. Between Margaret and Andrew having to lie to the immigration agency and Margaret having to pretend to be in love with Andrew in front of his parents, it’s very easy to see how much impression management meant to both characters. A good example of impression management used in this movie was when Andrew woke up late for work. Andrew, using his selective perception, expected to be in huge trouble with Margaret if he was to get there after she did and quickly hopped out of bed and jumped into his suit. After running down the city streets, Andrew picked up two lattes and headed into work. Once he got to his floor, he then spilled all of Margaret’s latte on his shirt by running into a coworker. He quickly traded his coffee-spilled shirt with a coworker for tickets to a game so that Margaret wouldn’t be angry with him. Andrew even selected both of his lattes to be the same type so that even if he had spilled, that he could still have good impression management on his boss. Having good impression management in this situation was very important to Andrew because it gave Margaret a better impression of him. Andrew is striving hard to be promoted to editor, so looking good, being on time, and acting civilized were impressions that he needed to set for her. As an assistant to Margaret, role taking as a good coworker is important for his...
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