Movie Marketing

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Section 1: Key factors to launching a movie successfully2 - Product
- Promotion
- Price
- Place
Section 2: Promotional Tools3
- Types of Movies
- Trailer
- Internet
- Television and other mediums

Section 3: Role of the critic5
- Critics as influencers
- Critics as predictors
- Consumer tastes overriding consumer reviews

Section 4: Product Placement In Movies7
- Product Placement: A Brief History
- Benefits of successful product placement in movies
- Recommendations

Section 5: Limitations of Product Placement8
- Ethical Issue
- Linkage between movie and product placements




The Movie Industry ‘is one of most exciting and informative businesses in the world, a business where the revenue of one film can exceed 1 billion US dollars’.[1] It is thus in the interest of movie producers to evaluate a successful promotion strategy in order to launch a movie effectively. This report will outline and discuss the means in which this can be completed.

• Section 1 makes a point of using the 4Ps as a general template to launch a movie successfully. • Section 2 evaluates the different promotional tools available to movie producers • Section 3 will discuss the role of critics and the part they play in motion pictures. • Section 4 assesses the success of movie product placements. • Section 5 discusses the risks involved in such product placements.

Section 1: Key factors for launching a movie successfully

The ‘four Ps’ is a recognised formula that producers should use to continually evaluate and re-evaluate business activities when they want to develop their marketing strategy in order to increase market share. The criteria in the ‘four Ps’ are as follows:

• Product
• Promotion
• Price
• Place.

As products, markets, customers and needs change rapidly, one must continually revisit the four Ps to stay on track and achieve the maximum results possible in today's marketplace. The movie industry is no exception to this rule.


The first P concerns the product, in order to launch a movie successfully; the movie itself should be aimed at its target market. For example, the theme or genre of the movie is used to attract its target market. Competitors are also an important element for launching a movie, for instance it is not prudent for two movies of the same genre to be launched simultaneously. In order to successfully launch a product one also needs to find out the superiority of the product in order to earn more market share from competitors.


Secondly, product promotion is an important aspect for marketing and sales. Using various ways of promotion is a key element of advertising which results in the culmination of a successful movie launch. Promotion includes all the ways you tell your customers about your products or services and how you then market and sell to them. The movie publishers can use advertisements by TV spots, newspaper, magazines and so on (subject to budget constraints), thus using the power from publicity in order to promote a blockbuster. Trailers of the movie are also used by a majority of movie producers to promote their new movie, a majority of which can be seen online nowadays.[2] The creation and implementation of advertising and promotional efforts are designed to make a film stand out in a competitive market environment. Movie marketing can take months of planning and organizing and its success can make or break a film it can also be expensive and is often a significant part of the entire movie cost. Section 2 of this report will discuss in more detail the promotion tools used by movie producers.


The third criterion concerns ‘setting a price that serves the customer as well as maximizing...
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