Movie Making Technology

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Movie making technology

Movie making technology has drastically improved and grown more complex since the first movie was made around 100 years ago. From its humble beginnings as moving photographs, it has evolved into a tantalizing experience that thrills our senses and stimulates our minds. In the early days, movies were rudimentary and short, lasting no more than a couple of minutes. One peculiar thing about these movies was that they were all silent. Though inventors tried to incorporate synchronous sound with the pictures, no practical method was devised till the late 1920s. But that did not stop these silent movies and their stars from becoming timeless classics. Today, movies are an immersive audio visual experience that leaves its audience spellbound. Most movies boast of surround sound and usually come in hi-definition format, able to deliver superb quality sound and crisp, clear visuals. The use of special effects and CGI (computer generated imagery) also enables movie makers to bring our very imagination to the screen. New developments in movie technology, such as 3-D format, promises to bring movies to an entirely new level. The movie “Avatar” impressed me , because it has spectacular effect and it was hard to do such a movie. Only about 25 percent of the movie was created using traditional live performances on sets. The rest takes place in an entirely computer-generated world—combining performance capture with virtual environments that have never before been realized on film. Conjuring up this exotic world allowed Cameron to engage in "big-time design," he says, with six-legged hammerhead thanators, armored direhorses, pterodactyl-like banshees, hundreds of trees and plants, floating mountains and incredible landscapes, all created from scratch. He drew upon his experience with deep-sea biology and plant life for inspiration. Sigourney Weaver, who plays botanist Grace Augustine, calls it "the most ambitious...
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