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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Essay: theme

Loneliness is when a person feels a sense of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness can be the theme of movies such as “Lost in Translation”, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, “Mary and Max”, “Four months, three weeks, and two days” and “Oslo, August 30th”. This movies represent a strong feeling of loneliness in the acting of the main characters. Not only the theme is represented through the characters but in the cinematography and directing of these movies. Each of this movies can be compared for its distinctive characteristics in the angles, the colors, the acting and the setting.

In all the movies mentioned, the theme is represented through the characters. In “Oslo, August 31th”, “The Diving Bell and Butterfly”, and “Four months, three weeks, and two days” the characters are in a certain circumstance where all they can feel and think is the emptiness they have. The character Anders in “Oslo, August, 31th” shows a feeling of depression and solitude because of all the problems he’s being through in his life such as the drug addiction. The character in “The Diving Bell and Butterfly” show the same attitude because of the condition he has and the accident he went through. In the Romanian movie is kind of the same because the character Otilia is faced with her friend’s plans of abortion alone with no help from anybody because of the culture of her country that time. For example, in a scene of the movie where Otilia is having dinner with her boyfriend’s family shows the pain and frustration she has from all the situation and things she just went through for her friend.

The colors and the angles can also represent the theme of a movie. For example, in “Mary and Max” and “Oslo, August 31th” the colors represent the mood of the characters. The colors are very grizzle and colorless. The lights in “Oslo, August 31th” are very dim as well. Also in “Oslo, August 31th” the setting of the movie is in a city that is not much alive like...
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