Movie Case Study

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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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Movie Case Study
This case study is comprised of a sample of one hundred movies with the following four variables: opening gross sales, total gross sales, number of theaters, and weeks in top 60. The four variables are used to analyze the motion picture industry, and show the descriptive statistic of the variables and to analyze the results. The results will show the high performance outliers of the motion picture industry and why. The correlation between total gross sales and each variable will be shown and will be accompanied by X, Y scatter graphs. At completion of this case study the reader will understand the following descriptive statistics mean, standard deviation, sample deviation, and range for all four variables, and the correlation between total gross sales and each variable.

Opening gross sales is the first variable; there is a huge gap between the highest value of 108.44 and the lowest value of 0.01 (Millions). This gap can be attributed to consumer’s reaction to advertisements of the movie. This higher the value the more excited consumers are to watch the movie due to popularity or successful advertising, however the lower the number the less a consumer is excited to watch the movie which could be because of poor marketing or could simple be a bad movie. * The first descriptive statistic is the mean which is the average value of opening gross sales. The mean of opening gross sales is 9.37432; this means that the average opening gross sales for a movie is over nine million dollars. This statistic could be used to assess the success of a particular movie compared to the mean. * The next descriptive statistic to look at is standard deviation which shows the amount of dispersion from the mean. The standard deviation for opening gross sales is 18.8747, this shows that there is a deviation of over eighteen million dollars compared to the mean of the movie industry. * The third descriptive statistic is sample variance which shows the...
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