Movie Appreciation of Schindler's List

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Movie Appreciation ---- Schindler’s List

December 21, 2012

Movie Appreciation ---- Schindler’s List
Ⅰ. Plot Summary
Schindler’s List is an epic drama film which depicts a real historical event of the nightmarish Holocaust during the World War Ⅱ. It is an account of the life of Oskar Schindler, a German entrepreneur who uses his wisdom and courage to protect more than 1,100 European Jews from being killed by Fascists. This film begins with hands lighting candles and a low voice of prayer from an ordinary Jewish family. At the end of prayer, the flames flicker out, a wisp of white smoke from the candle rising slowly, and then it becomes the roar of the train’s smoke, brings us to the year of 1939 that the Jews were ordered to relocate to the Krakow ghetto. Also the film changes from color to black and white, setting the mood for the dark content of the film. The color change also indicates Jews peaceful life has been broken, in contrast with the Nazi’s brutal and bloody. During this period, Oskar Schindler, a committed Nazi at first, arrives in Krakow with the intent to make money from manufacturing goods for the German Army. He attempts to ingratiate with the local Nazis in order to secure lucrative war contracts. With the good relationship with the Nazi officers, he begins to establish himself as a business man quickly in Krakow region. He hires the Jews as workers, because of this choice, his life is radically changed. When Schindler saw the Germans slaughtered the Jews, his eyes still full of blank. Until March 13, 1943, Schindler watches the bloody liquidation with his mistress from the top of a hill, he saw a girl who dresses a red coat, and he is obviously moved by what he sees. His human nature broke out from the deepest soul. Despite his disgust, Schindler makes sure to befriend Amon Goeth, a sadistic Nazi who is charged with building and running the camp, in order to ask for the continuation of his factory and supply of workers. Schindler bribes Goeth and is allowed to establish his own sub-camp. Schindler begins to change from a cold-hearted business man interested only in profit into a person struggling to do the right thing, he makes his first attempts to covertly assist his workers and save them from persecution and death afterwards. However, when Schindler receives word that the Germans to leave Krakow and the Jews will be transferred to Auschwitz, he at first intends to leave Poland with his money. But when he sees the red girl’s body on the way to crematory, he finds himself unable to do so in good conscience, he convinces Goeth to let him purchase his workers back and establish a factory in his hometown in Moravia, away from violence and mass extermination in Poland. Schindler and Itzhak Stern, his accountant who has convinces Jewish to loan Schindler the money to open the factory, compose a long list of the workers that are to be sent to Schindler’s factory instead of to Auschwitz. In order to avoid the military’s suspicion, Schindler brought arms from other plants and then sold to the military, for which he was almost bankrupt, in this way he saved 1,100 Jews. When the war ends, Schindler tells his Jewish workers they are now free, but that he will be hunted as a war criminal and must flee at midnight. As Schindler packs to leave the factory, he encounters his workers gathered outside. They present to him a gold ting made from a worker’s gold dental bridge. Schindler breaks down and cries that he could have saved more lives had he only tried harder. The next morning, the Jews are told to be free. As they walk toward a nearby town, the scene dissolves into full color and reveals a group of real Holocaust survivors walking across a field, they place a stone on the grave of Schindler to show their respect. Ⅱ. Lighting Analysis

In the article “Film Analysis Guide”, it states that the lighting have a profound effect on the way an image is perceived. Also...
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