Movie and Sports Stars Deserve the Money They Get?

Topics: Actor, Film, Real Madrid C.F. Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Because of the current financial crisis, people pay more and more attention to salaries, which are the money that people get paid for the work they do. Obviously, there will be some people who get high salaries, while other people get less. This leads to an argument about whether everyone deserves the money they get. Some people say that famous people, such as movie and sports stars, get paid far too much money. However, these stars definitely deserve the money which they receive because of three reasons: they make a lot of money for their employers, they have to face a great deal of pressure and their careers are really specialized. Firstly, movie studios and sports teams get a large amount of money from their stars’s work. Filmmakers get money from the sale of movie tickets, while spectators have to pay money to watch a sports match. In fact, there is a high difference between the revenue of producer and the money that actors are paid. For example, Mission Impossible 4, a movie released in 2011, had grossed nearly $700,000,000 worldwide (Box Office Mojo Online). However, the main actor – Tom Cruise was paid only $12,000,000 (Statistic Brain Online, 2012). Not only that but also the star’s trademark brings a great deal of value to sponsors. Some stars become advertising tools of their teams or their companies, whereas some others share their royalty images with the owners. An example is that Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer star, who gets $30 million each year in various endorsements, has to agree to a 6:4 split of this money with his club – Real Madrid (Jamie Sanderson, 2012). Therefore, if movie and sports stars thrust a lot of money on their managements, it will be not fair if they get paid less. Secondly, movie and sports stars certainly are under a great deal of pressure. The first pressure is that they are always at risk of injuries and also accidents. There are so many types of injuries which sports players have to suffer, such as ligament damage, fractures,...
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