Movie and Short Story Benjamin Button Comparison

Topics: Family, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (1412 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Benjamin Button Comparison Essay
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a wonderful story that is told in two different ways; through the short story and the movie. The story and the movie can be compared to each other as red is to blue. Both are colors but they look completely different. It is what to be expected from two different time frames from when the movie was made and the story was written. The story starts out simply enough. Benjamin Button’s father goes to the hospital after his son is born and thinks of Benjamin Button as more of a freak-show then a son. Benjamin Button was born as an old man with full talking capabilities. As you would expect, this is the first recorded event of a baby being born an old man. After the hospital, his father went to go buy him a suit as he wanted. As time went on his father got more used to the fact that his son was getting younger. But in the meantime his family treated him as his age not his appearance. They tried to have him play with rattles and drink milk instead of eating food but that did not work out so well. He would have rather to smoke a cigar or talk with his grandfather. Interesting enough, he had really hit it off with his grandfather. They sounded like two old dogs reminiscing about the good ole days. I thought this was pretty ironic since he was born old and his grandpa was the one he could most relate to. When Benjamin hit 18 his father took him to apply for college at Yale. He passed the entrance exam and was going to go to a meeting set up for him. Benjamin forgot his hair dye so when he showed up the meeting they thought that he was his father. But Benjamin declared that he was 18 in fact. The people were outraged at the thought of it. Everyone chased him off campus and Benjamin left. Shortly after that fiasco, Benjamin went to go work with his father at his hardware supply company. Benjamin and his father went to a party which is where he found the love of his life, Hildegarde Moncrief. As Benjamin...
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