Movie and Leadership

Topics: 1912, 1911, Academy Award for Best Picture Pages: 4 (1038 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Movies and Leadership
Many movies contain characters that display leadership qualities or situations that can help you explore various leadership topics. Make sure that if you are using films to study leadership with others that you have the proper licensing to use the film. Here are some ideas to get started! Articulating a Vision Building a team Callous Leadership, bad leadership A Bug's Life Pay it Forward Miracle A Few Good Men Bamboozled Devil Wears Prada, The Gangs of New York, The Gladiator Kicking and Screaming King Kong Last Samurai, The Reservoir Dogs Schindler's List Star Trek II Superman Swimming with Sharks True Colors Wall Street Billy Elliot Braveheart 1998 2000 2004 1992 2000 2006 2002 2000 2005 2005 2003 1992 1993 1979 1978 1994 1991 1987 2000 1995

Challenge the Process

Calendar Girls Cold Mountain Cry Freedom Dead Poets Society Erin Brockovich Gandhi Glory Hotel Rwanda Insider, The Jerry Maguire Kinsey Legally Blond Lord of the Rings, The (trilogy) Malcolm X Million Dollar Baby Mona Lisa Smile Murderball Norma Rae North Country Patch Adams Philadelphia Project X Remember the Titans Rudy Schindler's List School of Rock Shakespeare in Love Shawshank Redemption Silkwood SuperSize Me Thirteen Days

2003 2003 1987 1989 2000 1982 1989 2004 1999 1996 2004 2001 multiple films 1992 2004 2003 2005 1979 2005 1998 1993 1987 2000 1993 1993 2003 1998 1994 1983 2004 2000

Change Compelling leadership Conflict Management Corrupt Leadership, bad leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership Empowering others Enable Others to Act

To Kill a Mockingbird Antz At First Sight Braveheart Dead Poets Society Little Women Evita Gangs of New York, The King Kong L.A. Confidential Majestic, The Nixon Star Trek II Training Day True Colors Wall Street Zoolander Anna and the King Saving Private Ryan Braveheart Cry Freedom Gandhi Gladiator Glory Hotel Rwanda Karate Kid, The Matrix Million Dollar Baby Miracle Norma Rae Primary Colors

1962 1998 1999 1995 1989 1994...
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