Movie Analysis a Time to Kill

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Movie Analysis: “A time to kill (1996) “

The movie shows some important social and ethical issues but the main theme of the movie is racism between white and black. The setting is in Mississippi where black have limited rights with justice due to racist society. Therefore, racism reflects on a person how he is known and treated. Racism existed very long years ago and still exist until present time. I think racism will not end unless there is still a domination of white against black.

The story starts with a rape of a 10 year old black girl by 2 white men. Carl Lee Hailey the father of the victim takes the law into his own hands because he was not convinced that there’s really a justice in their town. He killed the two criminal by shooting them. He is sentence to death. However, at the end of the story Hailey was not found guilty.

I think murder is more heinous crime compare to rape I think if there’s a real justice the white men and Hailey should be on jail. They should face the consequence of their actions. I think judgment of our actions is important whether the intention is good or bad. I think emotion should not bring us with our actions.

After watching a movie I realized that sometimes people have limited kind of thinking that they can’t think of the things that they are doing just like the people who commit suicide in a different scenario Hailey thought that killing the 2 men will give justice to his daughter.

Leal, John Omar
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