Movie Analysis Requirements

Topics: Conflict, Rich Text Format, Semantics Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Film Analysis Assignment – Small Group Communication

Watch:       Any of the following films:
“Apollo 13” (1995)
“The Dream Team” (1989)
“The Flight of the Phoenix” (1993)
“The Breakfast Club” (1985)
Format:           Typed, double spaced, 10-12 point type, 4-5 pages in length. Must be saved in a Microsoft Word or rich text document format and dropped in the drop box on D2L. Due November 15, 75 points.


Criteria:          I will be looking for application of concepts and theories from our textbook combined with specific examples from the movie.  In other words, don’t just generally describe the conflict between the characters but go further by identifying the type of conflict  (substantive …) and which style of conflict management the characters used (compromising…).

Note: Please highlight the text concepts and page numbers in bold or a different color.

Issues for analysis:

Leadership: Describe the different approaches to leadership represented in the small group. Can you identify emergent or designated leaders?

Participation: Describe the roles played by the members.  What were some participation problems faced by the group?  How well did the group deal with these problems? 

Climate: Describe the communication climate throughout most of the small group deliberations.  What specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors contributed to this climate?  Does the communication climate change through the film?

Conflict: Provide examples of the conflicts the group faced.  What were some of the conflict styles of group members?  How successfully were the conflicts resolved in the group?  Does the group seem satisfied with the outcome?

Assessment Rubric:
23-25Assignment includes 10-11 clearly referenced examples from the film. The analysis applies 10-11 concepts from our text to the...
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