Movie Analysis: Pretty Women

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Romeo and Juliet, Friendship Pages: 3 (1434 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy of two people of different social class that meet on the streets of Los Angeles and learn about each others way of life. Edward is a rich businessman who specializes in taking over companies and then selling them off piece by piece. Vivian is a prostitute that works on Hollywood Boulevard. Edward accidentally meets Vivian as he stops to get directions to go to his hotel in Beverly Hills. His offer of ten dollars to get directions goes up to three-thousand dollars for Vivian to spend the week with him. Through out the week Edward and Vivian start to build a friendship relationship than it grows to be a love/romantic relationship. This scenario is some what a fantasy element of the movie because some thing like this happening in real life is not likely to happen. This type of scenario may lead people to believe that by becoming a prostitute people can find a rich business man and eventually build a love relationship and get married. There are many fantasy elements of Pretty Woman that lead people to believe that it is possible to happened in real life. One fantasy element in the movie is that Vivian meets Edward on Los Angeles Boulevard as he is trying find his way back home. There for after they start talking and Edward offers her three-thousand dollars to spend the week with him, she accepts the offer. From that woman on they start to build a friendship that then leads to romantic relationship. This scenario makes the a audience believe that being a prostitute in Los Angeles is a chance of to meet a wealthy business man, but in reality that is some thing that is not likely to happened. Because first of all not many rich business men want to get caught with a prostitute because that can cause them their reputation as a business man, especially if they have children it can break a family apart. Second, the woman can get hooked on drugs, be abused by men and even woman, and may get killed. Second, the fantasy aspect that Barney...
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