Movie Analysis: Pleasantville

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Pleasantville Essay
The film Pleasantville shows us the importance of change. Do you agree? In the film all the characters, inside and outside Pleasantville seem satisfied with who they are and have no desire to change, but during David and Jennifer’s stay they realize they are unsatisfied. Not knowing change was possible, the community of Pleasantville feel as if they need to adjust to this ‘change’ happening around them. Relationships end, the weather turns bad, choice and risk are introduced and confusion and pain start to occur. David, Betty and Jennifer are three characters who change throughout the film and show us the importance it has. Some characters embrace the change whilst others try to resist it. The film Pleasantville portrays change as being positive in the long run, and shows the characters growth throughout the movie. David who is one of the main characters in the film gradually changes. His transformation built his self-esteem and grew his confidence to the point where he became someone the people of Pleasantville looked up to and saw as a hero. David is portrayed as geek in his real life. He has seen every episode of Pleasantville that he’s able to script it, like when he was watching the Pleasantville marathon he quoted ‘what’s a mother meant to do.’ This unhealthy and bad obsession shows David doesn’t have anything better to do with his time and is detached from society and the real world.At the beginning of the film it showed David alone in the school ground talking to himself trying to build courage to talk to a girl he likes, but whilst in Pleasantville he builds his courage and confidence to ask a girl out and attempts to try and help people. Like when he gave bill Johnson the art book it encouraged bill to use his imagination and express himself. This encourages but to strengthen his process of change. Also when he asks Margret out it shows David is confident in himself and is something he wouldn’t have done back home. When David is...
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