Movie Analysis: "Life is Beautiful" by Roberto Benigni

Topics: The Camp, Doctor, Uncle Pages: 4 (1857 words) Published: March 8, 2009
Life is beautiful is an Italian language speaking film made in 1997, directed and co written by Italian actor Roberto benigini who also stares in the film as one of the main characters Guido Orefice. The film is about a young man (Guido) who goes to the city with his friend Ferruccio to live with his antique collecting uncle and plans to open a book store. On his way his “princess” as he calls she throughout the film or Dora played by Roberto benigini’s real wife Nicoletta Braschi. Falls out of a hayloft and into his arms. When Guido and Ferruccio get to the city Guido’s plans are ruined to open a bookstore by a arrogant local council who throughout a series of accidental yet comical events such as putting eggs in the councillors hat Guido upsets and angers him making it even more harder. The worst thing about it is Guido’s “princess” who he keeps accidentally bumping into is due to marry him.

Life is beautiful is set into two half’s the first half is set in the 1930’s in pre-war Italy, In the beginning of the first half Guido cannot see what is going on around him and takes the whole discrimination to Jews at that time as a joke much to his uncles anger who is a lot more wiser to the situation. The genre of the first half of the movie is a slapstick comedy because of the silly things Guido does such as accidentally putting the eggs in the councillors hat and also modern day fairy tale as Guido finally woos Dora when they meet at the opera house and Guido watches Dora throughout the performance and waits for her to turn around and look at him. At the end of the opera Dora is waiting for her fiancé to pick her up outside as it is raining but instead Guido takes Ferruccio’s car and takes Dora away this part of the film is really romantic because he lays down a long red bit of material down the stairs so she does not get her feet wet and she walks down it like a princess. This part of the film the colures are really bright and uplifting even through it is...
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