Movie Analysis: Hope Floats

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  • Published : December 8, 2011
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Hope Floats
Hope Floats a drama movie that was filmed back in 1998. Birdee Pruitt (Sandra Bullock) is one of the main characters in this movie. Hope Floats is based on a relationship that had fallen apart by an affair Birdee Pruitt’s husband Bill had with her best friend Connie. This movie shows how you can find true love all over again. Sometimes there is a better life out there than the one were living but, we don give it a chance, we settle for less at times. Birdee Pruitt is a Chicago housewife who is invited onto a talk show under the impression of a free makeover. The makeover she is given is hardly what she has in mind, as she is ambushed with the revelation that her husband Bill has been having an affair behind her back with her best friend Connie. Humiliated on national television, Birdee and her daughter Bernice move back to Birdee's hometown of Smithville, Texas with Birdee's mother Ramona to try to make a fresh start. As Birdee and Bernice leave Chicago, Birdee gives Bernice a letter from her father, telling Bernice how much he misses her. Birdee struggles to make a new life for herself as a working single mother and dealing with the growing attraction between herself and a former high school classmate, Justin Matisse. She also must deal with rebuilding her relationship with her estranged mother, father, and her daughter, who wants desperately to be with her father and blames her mother for the breakup, even going so far as to try to sabotage the romantic overtures Justin makes towards Birdee. Bernice, who has long been the apple of her father's eye, is dealt a hard blow of reality, when it becomes clear to her that her parents' split is permanent when Bill asks Birdee for a divorce. Wanting to be with her father, Bernice is devastated when he tells her that though he loves her, he has no room for her in his new life with Connie. Bernice tries to beg her father to bring her along, knowing how much he wanted her in the letter he wrote to her at...
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