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Topics: Race to Witch Mountain, AnnaSophia Robb, American film actors Pages: 8 (2136 words) Published: March 14, 2013

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in English IV

Submitted by: Jannah L. Mungcal

Submitted to: Ms. Hermogena Bautista


In partial fulfillment of the requirements in English IV

Submitted by: Jannah L. Mungcal

Submitted to: Ms. Hermogena Bautista

I. Title: Race To Witch Mountain

Director: Andy Fickman

Producers: Mario Iscovich and Anne Marie Sanderlin 

Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures

● Dwayne Johnson as Jack Bruno
● Anna Sophia Robb as Sara
● Alexander Ludwig as Seth
● Ciarán Hinds as Henry Burke
● Carla Gugino as Dr. Alex Friedman
● Tom Woodruff, Jr. as The Syphon
● Garry Marshall as 'Harlan'
● Cheech Marin as Eddie Cortez
● Chris Marquette as Pope
● William J. Birnes, the host of UFO Hunters

II. Summary

In Las Vegas, the regenerated ex-con Jack Bruno works as taxi driver. During an UFO Convention at Planet Hollywood, the skeptical Jack picks up Dr. Alex Friedman, who will present a scientific lecture in the event. Then he is pressed by two henchmen of his former boss, the criminal Wolff, that wants to talk to him, but Jack does not want to return to the crime life. Jack fights and gets rid of them; out of the blue, he finds two teenagers on the backseat of his cab. They tell that they are siblings, Sara and Seth, and they need to travel to a location outside Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile the government finds a spacecraft that crashed nearby Las Vegas and is chasing the two aliens; after the investigation of the men of Major Henry Burke, they discover that the two siblings are the aliens. Jack Bruno, Sara and Seth are chased by Henry Burke's team and by the "Syphon", a killer from outer space that has been sent to kill them by the military of their planet that want to invade Earth. Sara and Seth explain that they traveled to Earth to collect scientific data of an experiment and save Earth from invasion, but they need to return immediately to their planet. Jack teams up with Dr. Alex to retrieve their spacecraft in a secret base in the Witch Mountain.

III. Analysis

A. Characters

1. Protagonists

a. Jack Bruno - a Las Vegas cab driver, a former convict. The director wrote in a cab driver as a main character because there was a unique relationship between the driver and his passengers. Fickman explained, "When Dwayne's driving and two aliens appear in his cab, he's stuck with them, there is an implied contract that I will get you to your destination, because that's what he does."

b. Sara, sister of Seth, a girl with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Fickman chose Robb based on her performance in Bridge to Terabithia. She is very kind to Bruno and is the more compassionate of the two siblings. The only time she does not refer to Jack by his full name is when she says goodbye to him, when she refers to him only as "Jack".

c.  Seth, brother of Sara, a boy with the power to control his molecular density - "phasing" and becoming very dense to some degree of invulnerability. He is very cold to Bruno at first, not trusting him very much, but apologizes in the end saying that if it weren't for him they would have not finished their mission. Both siblings talk using overly formal, emotionless voices, and are always addressing Bruno by both his first and last name at and in all situations.

d. Dr. Alex Friedman, a discredited astrophysicist. Fired from her university, she is relegated to giving a lecture at a UFO conference about hard science. She is named for Stanton T. Friedman, the Nuclear Physicist and noted Ufologist. She also becomes Jack's love interest.

2. Antagonist

a. Henry...
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