Movement of Women Rights and Sharia Law, Stoning for Soraya

Topics: Sharia, Iran, Shia Islam Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: May 13, 2012
In agreement with Sharia law, women are judged to be secondary to men therefore them having fewer freedoms and obligations. A woman is considered equal to one-half of a male in supplying testimony for the administration of justice and in receiving inheritances. The male spouse possesses the just and religious responsibility to hit his female spouse for rebellion and for Islamic understanding of wrongdoing. Under a Sharia law, adultery is a crime punishable by stoning to death if the accused is unable to prove their innocent. Soraya Manutcheri, an innocent small town woman who becomes a victim by her husband, has accused her of adultery. Iran is an Islamic republic country, its constitution was written in 1997 and Iran is also a member of a United Nation Organization and also many other organization such as World Bank, IMF, FAO, OPEC and OIC and many other international Regional Bodies. Shi’a Islam is one of the main types of Islam in Iran, it took few hundred years for shi’a to gather and become a religion and political power.

Women do not have all the rights under shah Sharia law, the Sharia law was prior to 1979, Sharia law is the basis of family, marriage and women rights in Iran and most of the other Muslim countries. Sharia law bounds women to her husband will, such as a woman cannot leave the country without her husband permission. But the Sharia law does not allow a man to bring another wife without his first wife permission. This example reflects in the movie the stoning of Soraya M, since Soraya got stoned to death because she did not give her husband permission to get another wife and divorce her which had caused Ali, her husband to lie and accused his wife under the section of adultery. Religion and politics play almost the same role when it comes to decisions and most of the time rules are made of the religious beliefs and Sharia law is a based on Islamic beliefs and some of these rules are written in Quran (Muslim holy book). The stoning of Soraya...
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