Move and Position Reflective Account

Topics: Risk, Shoulder, Place Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: September 23, 2012

HSC 2028
After helping Mr A get washed and dressed and as he is unable to weight bear or walk, in accordance with the risk assessment in his care plan he needed to be transferred into a wheelchair using a hoist. On explaining our desire to transfer him using the hoist , he declined , stating that he could do it himself ( he has some degree of short term memory loss ) and he asked if he could be assisted to sit up on the edge of the bed and given his zimmer frame ( this is the procedure we followed up to a couple of months before , when we would assist him to do this and he would then be able to stand and walk independently but it came to the point where he found it very difficult to stand and once standing he was very unstable and not able to walk all the way to his chair or transfer to a wheelchair and as we we were not allowed to manually lift him as it would contravene legislation like manual handling operations regulations 1992 and HSE guidelines that basically mean we can only manually lift babies and small children and ensures the safety of ourselves, our colleagues and the person being moved - so assistance and advice was sought from his named Registered Nurse who made a new risk assessment using the procedures and other moving and handling documentation which is in the library and the manuals that come with the hoists and slings e.g. to make sure he had a sling appropriate for his size and weight , this was agreed upon by him and his daughter that he should be transferred using a hoist from now on ) once he was reminded of all this he agreed that it was OK for me and another carer to move him using the hoist and we explained how we would do it . The care plan is checked again to see which hoist is to be used and which size sling should be used to safely transfer him to a wheelchair. Once we both have washed...
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