Moushumis Infidelity

Topics: Human, Female, Male Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 13, 2013
When I was first informed of this assignment, I thought it would be an easy paper to write. The more I thought about the subject the harder it seemed to be. I was going to approach this from the angle of me exactly as I am as a male, but this produced problems, the problem being the double standard as a female I would be labeled a whore. I decided to try and approach these switching places with my sister and see life from her point of view, but this had its own set of problems, mainly that my sister is way immature for her age. I decided to approach it with my knowledge of being a man. As a female I would probably still have curly hair and brown eyes due to fact no one in my family has colored eyes. Obviously being female my tattoos would reflect feminine characteristics instead of dragons and guns, my tattoos would probably be flowers and fairies. So growing up female has its own set of problems. The biggest problem for me would probably be the menstruation cycle, bleeding every month is something that sounds like it would be very annoying. Other challenges would be breast development and weight gain, in high school I seen many female friends struggle with their image. I would probably be short like the females in my family. Next I was faced with a new challenge, wardrobe and makeup. As a man I don’t worry about fashion, but as a female I think this would change. I think that this would change as a female due to the fact that the variety of clothing becomes wider. I would be going from a man who just wears jeans and tennis shoes, to now having options such as skirts and dresses and all the different types of shoes females wear. Would I wear make up? I think if I did wear make up it would be very minimal, this comes from my knowledge of being a man and being attracted to females who don’t need excessive make up to look “pretty”. This now brings me to the subject of finding a mate. As a man I really had no preferences as long as the girl was intelligent...
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