Mousetrap Questions

Topics: Force, Mass, Classical mechanics Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Shyanne Vaden

Mousetrap Questions

What are the two ways that friction affected the performance of your vehicle? Friction affected my vehicle by either not pushing it far enough, or pushing it very far. The friction of the ground would also stop my vehicle from going farther then it could've. My car also needed a bit of momentum to start so the friction did not help my care move at all.

What problems related to friction did you encounter and how did you solve them? The friction did not help my car move. My car needed a bit of momentum to start, like most objects. The friction did not work with my car at all! I solved it by dropping my car instead of pushing. The dropping helped my car move and push.

What factors did you take into account to decide the number of wheels you chose in your design? I definitely took into account bumpiness. CDs would've avoided or just moved along bumpiness. CD's are very easy to move and can accelerate fast. The factors you have to think about when using CD's is balance. I used waiters to balance the wheels so that the wheels would not fall into themselves or fall outwards. If the axel or wood wasn't supporting the CD's, the CD's are so thin that they would just flop over. What kind of wheels did you use in each axle? What is the effect of using large or small wheels? I used CD's on each axles with waiters screwed on next to them to support them. I used medium sized wheels. The effect of using big wheels is with each push of the wheel, the mouse trap will travel farther but may not travel fast. For small wheels, the push will be very small but it will travel faster because it has less mass. Explain how Newton’s first, second and third laws apply to the performance of your vehicle. The first law applies because the motion of the mousetrap car will start and keep going until it runs out of momentum or the friction stops it. The second law applies to the mousetrap car because of the mass, and acceleration affect the...
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