Mousetrap Car

Topics: Wood, Wheel, Construction Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: October 31, 2012
The Mousetrap Race Car Project demonstrated an individual(s) potential of a skill to manufacture the most capable mousetrap car with the use of levers and pulleys; so that they willingly categorize their car for the primary usage for SPEED, DISTANCE, and STRENGTH. Some may try to make all the aspects into one design. The problem that I identified was using the least materials, most materials for success, and parts for wheels and axles. This stresses the success that the manufactured car will have, whether participating in any of the competitions. I will gather information by searching throughout sources for the most aquatint design. Our idea is to build the car primarily for distance, but may encounter the possibility of being able to master the skill of speed. We have two ideas for the car to have either a total of four or three wheels, but I’m tending more to the side of three wheels for the quality of less used materials. I’m not saying we seek for the appealing quality of the car but for the results of greater distance and velocity. We will make double sure that we will check or improve the design of the car during rapid building. Our mousetrap car is going to be constructed with materials such as CD’s, Balsa wood, plastic tie-downs, bamboo skewers, and electrical tape. These materials are only what we suppose that we should use now, but may change during the construction process due to a technicality. We have researched many ideas from different sources for car designs and specifications. The research condoned the actions that made my car the way it will be. The solutions others have suggested made us aware of what not to do and what to do in the production of the mousetrap car.
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