Mountains vs Beaches Vacation

Topics: Corporation, Limited partnership, Partnership Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Editing Worksheet for Essay Drafts:
ENG 111Your NameGregory Wishart

1.Name of the essay author Shakara Beals
2.Is the thesis statement the last sentence in the introductory paragraph and does it contain the three points?
Yes ___
List the three points:
a. liabilities incurred by the business
b. financing of the business
c. input and involvement in the business
3.Outline the essay below.
Thesis Statement (copy)
There are many similarities as well as differences between the two, which include the liabilities incurred by the business, the financing of the business, as well as the input and involvement in the business Support/Reason One

General partnership assumes unlimited liability whereas a limited partnership has an outline of each partner's role in assumption of liability Support/Reason Two
In a general partnership you receive an equal share, however with a limited partnership you have only invested in a portion of the business Support/Reason Three (may be there or not…could be the contrasting paragraph)

A general partnership is involved with many more aspects of the daily operation of the business whereas a limited partner is not. 4. Are their three points listed in the same order in the body paragraph as introduced in the thesis statement? Yes 5.What pattern of development does the author use in this essay? You may underline one: narration, description, or division-classification. Now, tell me how you know.

Due to thoroughly describing each type of partnership and showing the similarities and differences in detail. 6.Finally, what devices has the author used to create unity and coherence. Circle them below and then give me an example from the essay.

Repeated Key Wordsliabilities, partners
Pronouns (give me antecendent)
Parallel Structure
Transitional ExpressionsLastly, on the other hand, for instance
Reference to previous point
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