Mountains and Beaches

Topics: Beach, Southern United States, Sand Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: September 23, 2011
Sometimes some people like to go for vacation to the south carolina in the mountains and some like to go to the beach. Some people like to have a other view so they like to go to florida to the beach for vacations Like to spend time with there family in the mountains and make a fire, and camp go for a walk in the woods, Some people like to have some time with there family in the beach and build sand castles, Go fishing, have fun with there family. The purposes of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between the mountains of southcarolina and the beaches of florida.The three main differences are climate, types of activities, and location.

The first difference between theses two states is their climate. Florida is sometimes warm when it comes to vacation and its always sunny.Southcarolina however is sunny sometimes but it rains too and near the mountains it gets cold, In florida is always sunny so you can go to the beach any time and get a tan or make a sand castle and spend time with you family. Just because south carolina is more to the mountains and then florida is more to the hot the places.

Comparing both types of states we notices another difference. There is types of activities that they both have. In South carolina you can go camping in the woods and in the night you can make fire with your family and just enjoy natural. You can also go hiking and you can go to alot of parks there is near the mountains. In florida you can go on a boat and fish. The kids can make sand castle and write there names on the sand. You can also walk in the beach with your family.Also you can watch the sunsets when your at the beach and watch the dolphins come up.In the mountains you can hear the birds and watch the moon and stars.

Yet another difference between these two t of states is the location. In Southcarolina there is good places to go like table rock you can camp and be in the river and you can climb up the mountains. Table rock you...
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