Mountaineers Positively Assist Sherpa Culture to Be More Globalized

Topics: Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay Pages: 5 (1831 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Mountaineers positively assist Sherpa culture to be more globalized

Himalayas are the “heaven” of mountaineers. By “heaven”, it means a place for happiness, also a place for death. Himalaya Range has taken so many lives. Especially the highest mountain in the world—Mt. Everest, until today more than 200 people have died on the way of chasing their dreams, getting to the summit of Mt. Everest, since the Great Trigonometric Survey of British India established the first published height of Everest in 1856. Sherpa is one of the ethnics in Nepal, who lives in the high altitude area on Mt. Everest. As Brian Handwerk reminds us, “A Himalayan veteran in the early 1920s, Alexander Kellas is generally regarded as the first person to recognize the natural aptitude of the Sherpa people for hard work and climbing at high altitude. (National Geographic News)” Sherpas have great skills of climbing mountains and surviving at high altitude, so mountaineer started to think that maybe Sherpas can help them for the heavy equipment that they have to carry. The joyful smile of Sherpas have been appearing on the top of the Mount Everest with the mountaineers constantly since Sir Edmund Hillary, the first human get on the summit of Mount Everest, paid to a Sherpa to climb with him in 1953. Although many years have passed, and Mount Everest have started to get crowded, there are only a few mountaineers achieve to the summit without Sherpa’s support. Alone with the increasing of climbers, Sherpas are now incredibly important for expeditions. Moreover, Sherpa’s communities and culture have changed dramatically after the first expedition has gone through their village. After Sherpas become to one of the necessary parts in almost of expeditions, the mountaineers assist Sherpa community develop and more globalized as well. ECONOMY

The increasing of economy is one of the most obvious constructively changes that mountaineers bring to Sherpa community. Many scholars have claimed that Sherpas now are losing their religion because of economy, in the other words, Sherpa’s believe in Buddhism and they consider Mt. Everest as a holly place which no one should go there, but Sherpas want to earn money from helping mountaineers climb to the summit of Mt. Everest to increase their qualities of lives, which is a contravention of their religion. However, Sherpas have never letting their religion go away by being a part of the climbing expedition groups. For example, every expedition needs to go through a temple to meet rimpoche (the head lama for all Nepal) for good luck and not to anger the god (Krakauer). Sherpas are now having great lives; therefore, because of the increasing economy, Sherpas can spend more money for building the temple and tribute to make the god forgive them climbing Mt. Everest in their belief. The good economy is defiantly not the reason why Sherpas lose their religion, instead, it’s the positive effect of religion. Moreover, Sherpas get into the business of expedition group is the first step of the development of their economy. Many have complained that Sherpas don’t need help, they can live by the agriculture forever, mountaineers should not bother to interrupt their life-style. In fact, Sherpas are not even known by anyone other than themselves before there are any mountaineers. The mountaineers and tourists introduced them to the world which made them rich and globalized. They are really happy to be involved in the expeditions, because they can know more about “outside”. Understanding the live of Sherpa community before mountaineering, “Traditionally, the Sherpa people depended on local natural environmental resources, undertaking small-scale activities that have little impact on the ecological systems, and contribute to maintain landscape variety. (Padoa-Schioppa and Baietto 416)” Sherpas didn’t have any trades or businesses in their community traditionally. Now Sherpas are having great incomes by only assisting climbers to get to...
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