Mountain West Heath Plans, Inc. Critical Analysis Case

Topics: Employment, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: September 18, 2012
I would describe Evelyn Gustafson’s style of leadership as a Level-five. She was an interactive leader that had humility and showed her employees compassion. She showed selling styles of leadership as she was a manager that inspired her staff to effectively succeed and be a very successful in stressful department. Some of her weakness is that she felt so much compassion for the associates and subscribers; she did not push them as hard as she could have to get better quotas. Her strength however was that she kept balance in a very stressful environment. You can see by her low turnover rate that she was a successful leader. She was influenced by her past; having been in the position she knew the stress, training requirements, and work that had to be done. She also sympathized with the subscribers, knowing that their time was valuable she made sure that their issues were the employees concern. She knew that the employees had outside responsibilities and found ways to balance that with the company’s goals in mind.

Erik Rasmussen style of leadership is the delegating style. He has no concern for his employees or for the subscribers. His main concern is cost cutting and increasing call quotas. The weakness of this is that his turnover rate is high as he does not connect with his employees to ways to motivate them. The strength he has is that he uses power to get the desired results. The source of his influence would be that he just got out of school and had no experience in the industry or the balance of knowing how difficult the job is.

I would show Mr. Rasmussen the statistics and I would recommend that he tone down his delegating style a couple of degrees and balance it with some selling attributes. Explaining to him the cost of turnover and unsatisfied subscribers contribute to his budget just as well as the employee’s pay and departmental costs. I would try to convenience him to do some team building and training sessions with his staff so that...
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