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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Mountain View Realty

Project Description:
You just got an internship at Mountain View Realty, a real estate firm that focuses in the North Utah County area. The previous intern developed a spreadsheet listing houses listed and sold during the last several months. She included addresses, location, list price, selling price, listing date, and date sold. You need to convert the data to a table and manipulate the table. You will manage the large worksheet, prepare the worksheet for printing, sort and filter the table, include calculations, and format the table.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step| Instructions| Points Possible|
1| Start Excel. Download and open the file named Exploring_e04_Grader_EOC.xlsx.| 0| 2done| Freeze the first row (column headers) on the Sales Data worksheet.| 3| 3done| Convert the data in the range A1:I25 to a table, and then apply the Table Style Medium 17.| 6| 4done| Remove duplicate records from the table.| 4|

5done| Insert a column to the right of the Selling Price field. Name the new field Percent of List Price and adjust the width of that column to 22.00 (159 pixels).| 4| 6done| Create a formula with structured references in cell G2 to calculate the percent of the list price (that is, the selling price divided by the list price).| 8| 7done| Format the Percent of List Price column (G2:G22) with the Percent number type with one decimal place.| 4| 8done| Add a total row to display the average percent of list price and average number of days on market. Format the average number of days on market as a whole number. Change the label for the total row to Averages.| 13| 9done| Sort the table in alphabetical order by the City column. Add a second sorting level to sort the days on market for each city from largest to smallest.| 12| 10done| Format the Sales Data worksheet so that the column headings will show on all pages....
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