Mountain Top Removal Essay

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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English 10
17 November 2010
Solution: Eight Letters, One word, Mountaintop Removal Mountaintop removal although only eighteen letters and a mere two words provides endless opportunities for hard working Americans. The world is now all about efficiency and convenience. Society works as a machine, and each machine needs fuel to work. For Kentuckians, the fuel is Coal. The economy of Kentucky centers around coal. It not only gives hard working Americans a safe environment to work in but provides jobs, and stable economy for our nation. When compared to the rest of the world America has always had a strong economy. However America is currently in a state of recession. Politicians, cabinet members and economists are constantly trying to bring our great nation back into a state of equilibrium concerning monetary flow. Mountaintop removal is one way to achieve this. Areas which are abundant in coal are blessed with multiple lucrative opportunities which benefit not only the communities’ economy but the Nations, as well. Mine Safety is one thing that is extremely misunderstood. There is a lot of controversy, about mine safety regulations. But, the truth is that MTR is statistically the safest form of mining. Compare MTR to underground mining. Underground Mining: deep within the earth, hollow shafts, narrow tunnels, darkness all around, the fear that the mine may collapse at any time VS. MTR: Employees are above ground, have state of the art technology to help with safety protocol, and Mine collapsing isn’t a fear employees have to worry about. Jobs, something that loyal Americans are fighting for in the savage Job market. Mountain top removal offers long term jobs which also helps the economy. A fact, most people don’t know is that for every miner employed through MTR three new jobs are created. Thus, helping employment rates go up and keeping our economy running. Americans need jobs and through MTR...
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