Mountain Man Brewing Company Essay

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  • Published : July 4, 2010
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FCMA Consulting Group
Topic: Mountain Man Brewing Company

Fernando Yemail
Carlos Yap
Juan Cam
Amita Ahir
Maria Jaen

Group Leader Fernando Yemail
FCMA Consulting Group
FCMA Consulting group is honored to be the consulting source for Mountain Man Brewing Company’s line expansion. We are pleased to have the chance to work with a family owned company. It’s not so often that we come across a company that has kept their legacy integrated in the production of their products. Furthermore we want to congratulate you Chris on the behalf of FCMA Consulting group for ambitious thoughts of wanting to expand and grow your families company. Looking at your company’s’ end year reports we have noticed the decline in your sales. You’ve taken the initiative and considered adding other beers to your product line; we believe this is the correct way to move your company forward. After thoroughly analyzing the past generation trends with the current we’ve come to realization that overall the worlds beer tastes buds, as well as the expectations of beer has changed within the population. We have concluded that this is the reason of the decline in your sales and we have come up with a Marketing plan for MMBC to boost profits. Expanding Mountain Man Brewing line involves considerable risk and we are conscious that it can either make or breaks your companies brand and the image that it was founded on. However every factor must be taken into consideration and every possible outcome must be predicted to have a successful launch of the product without affecting your current core Lager. Currently MMBC brand is seen as a manly strong beer meant for only the toughest of men. Your company has targeted middle to lower income blue collar men over the age of 45, adding the new light version to our product line could make you lose a percentage of your loyal customers if not marketed in the correct way. FCMA Consulting group will analyze your consumer’s behaviors competition and...
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