Mountain Man Brewing Company

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Mountain Man Brewing Company
Ashley Huckaby

Mountain Man Brewing Company exemplifies history. Founded in 1925 by Guntar Prangel, a coal miner with a home brewery, and marketed largely to other coal miners, Mountain Man lager emphasizes quality ingredients, a bitter flavor and dark coloring. Today, Mountain Man Brewing is still a single-product company. Mountain Man distributes its lager in several states outside West Virginia, is a local market leader, and generates over $50 million in revenue with 520,000 barrels sold. MMBC’s target market has always been the blue collar, middle to lower income population, marketing them its renowned lager. Over time, its brand identity has been associated as an old school brewing company and its stability in blend and taste. There has been multiple instances where 3 generations of families have grown up drinking Mountain Man Beer and felt that Mountain Man Brewing Company has retained the quality ever since its introduction. It has therefore, created a legacy as “West Virginia’s Beer” and a “Working man’s beer” and has not deviated from its core branding, maintaining itself as a single product company. By using their history and status as an independent family owned brewery, they have enhanced the feeling of authenticity in their brand. By doing this they have found a way to relate to their main customers, those hard working men who find pride in family businesses and supporting the ones they love. MMMB’s success also stems from awards it has won for its high-quality taste including “Best Beer in West Virginia” for the 8th year in a row, and “America’s Championship Lager”, both in 2005. The MMBC’s unique taste and flavor has created very high brand awareness and has gained some very loyal customers even loyal families through generations. MMBC, as mentioned before, has a likeable bitter kind of taste, a distinctive smoothness and drinkability. This uniqueness is what sets it apart from its competitors. Along with its taste...
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