Mount Plesant

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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Opgave A – Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant from 2005 is an odd little short story. The story’s narrative technique and language is very unique, because it allows you to see a child’s world from its perspective. The way the story is written makes you think of your own childhood where ghosts and the darkness were the scariest things in the whole wide world. Below, I will analyze this odd little short story, and also give you an interpretation of Mary-Louise Buxton’s Mount Pleasant where she so curiously write about Elizabeth and her imaginative everyday life.

The short story is about a girl Elizabeth who narrates the reader through her every day life. How she discovers the world, how she see her parents and how she interpret things. This short story is not like any other short story, because normally you would have this big climax, with life-changing experiences, and a main theme to tell you how to live your life. This story is “just” a little child’s experiences. The thing that makes this story interesting is the extraordinary first-person narrator. The story is in a way written like some sort of diary by a six-year-old. I think the narrator is about six because she talks about the boy on the picture and he looks around 9-10 not much older than her:

“He’s maybe nine or ten, not that much older than I am”

The Narrator does not alter the spoken language; it makes the story seem a bit messy but also childish. The language is a big part of this short story because the writer, Mary-Louise, plays with names for objects and concepts, words and the way the different parts of the story are put together. Talking about names, it could be names such as:

“The Look”
“Granny ‘Omi’s Duckering Ball”
“Boo Boo”
Playing with nicknames like this gives the story a childish feeling, and if Mary-Louise had chosen to use a “grown-up” language the story would not have been the same, so this is most likely why this kind of language is chosen.

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