Mount Everest Hillary and Tenzing Contrast Essay

Topics: Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, Mount Everest Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Farah Aboufakhr
6th hour
Hillary vs. Tenzing: To the top of Mount. Everest!
Sir Edmund Hillary’s, View from the Summit and Tenzing Norgay’s, The Dream Comes True were very interesting articles on Mount Everest. Climbing though the chilling Himalayas, they had to overcome difficult obstacles. In each of their essays, they have some things they agreed upon, and some they did not. Each perspective brings out a sharp contrast in the personality of both of these men. They did share several similarities like a few of the obstacles they had to overcome. Two of these obstacles were the navigation of the steep section also known as a crag and the clotting of ice around oxygen equipment. Each of the authors had their own reasons for writing their stories. Hillary wrote his story View From the Summit as a story of his excitement and triumph! Emphasizing on himself as more important than the other characters in the story like focusing on Tenzing’s struggle to breathe with the clotting of the ice around the oxygen equipment. He himself had some of the same problems. “Then I brought Tenzing along to join me,” said Hillary (page 33) hinting at the fact that he was first and leading. Also depicting that he, Hillary, was leading, he said, “I got Tenzing to establish a belay” (page 34) making it seem as though Tenzing was useless to this. Tenzing Norgay wrote his story attempting to fix his image, which was slightly tarnished by Edmund Hillary’s account. He told the truth about who made it to the top of Everest first so that people would stop pestering him as to the truth and he also thought that he must be truthful to the people and the mountain. He stated that both had trouble with the clotting ice around the oxygen equipment whereas Hillary stated, “I noticed that Tenzing was moving rather slowly…” (page 33) depicting that only Tenzing had trouble. Hillary made it seem as though Tenzing had trouble climbing when he said, “I waved to Tenzing and brought in the rope as he,...
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