Mount Apo: The Famous National Park

Topics: Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Mt. Apo is one of the famous national parks in Davao City, Philippines. Apo is the language of the people there are “Ancestors” is a layered plateau area with mountain peaks in the limit of the crater that has a width of 500 meters, Mount Apo has a small crater lake. This mountain is a volcanic mountain, the last eruption is not in the know time and is not verified in history. Mt. Apo has a height of 3142 meters above sea level.

Mount Apo is one of the most popular mountain among climbers in the Philippines. It took an average of two days to reach the top of the mountain which made official as a National Park on May 9 of this 1936. Mt. Apo a blessing for locals, because the existence of this mountain village famous for their part, and agriculture has also become a fertile place. A view refresh your eyes when I saw him. The mountain has become one of the attractions you can visit in Davao City. Mt. Apo

Situated in the island of Mindanao, Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines . A vast area of 72,796 hectares of mossy tropical forest, flowing rivers & streams, waterfalls, exotic flora & fauna and is home to the endagered Philippine eagle. Mount Apo

is a large solfataric, potentially-active stratovolcano in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. With an altitude of 2,954 metres (9,692 ft), it is the highest mountain in the country and is located between Davao City and Davao del Sur province in Region XI and Cotabato province in Region XII. The peak overlooks Davao City 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the northeast, Digos City 25 kilometres (16 mi) to the southeast, and Kidapawan City 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the west. Apo, which means "ancestor", is flat-topped mountain with three peaks and is capped by a 500-metre-wide (1,600 ft) volcanic crater containing a small crater lake. The date of its most recent eruption is unknown, and none are verified in historical times. The volcano is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the...
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