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Initiation of Change
"A change leader looks for change, knows how to find the right changes and knows how to make them effective both outside the organization and inside it." From "Management Challenges for the 21st Century" by Peter F. Drucker Companies need to be flexible and innovative in the ways in which they deal with the unfamiliar situations they often find themselves in. We are in a time of great change. The reality of yesterday proves wrong today, and nobody really knows what will be the truth tomorrow.

Organizational change is the implementation of new procedures or technologies intended to realign an organization with the changing demands of its business environment, or to capitalize on business opportunities. Managing change is an integral part of every manager’s job.

There are both external and internal forces that constrain managers and bring about the need for change.

External Forces:
* India became the Headquarters for High Growth Markets
* The market dynamics was chaotic. India was to be the world economic giant by 2020 as suggested by the Goldman Sachs Report, 2007. * The talent pool of telecom engineers was being fished by the leading players in the market, namely, Nokia and Samsung. India was the happening place for telecom sector * Suddenly, there was a realization that the Indian telecom market was the fastest growing market in the world. The entire focus of Motorola Inc. started shifting back to India. It had to move fast. even faster than the competition. * Motorola considered India to be very strategic from two perspectives.firstly, as a development hub and secondly, as a market. Internal Forces:

* The HR team had only two members . Raghuram Reddam, the HR Director, who was with Motorola since 1996, and a fresh management recruit designated as the HR Manager. Together they thought of innovative ways to recognize the talent pool. Their focus was on how to implement the HR Vision and Mission *...
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