Motorola Case Study

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Motorola was at a major turning point in its history. Bob Galvin knew his legacy was in trouble and was in need of change and had a sense of urgency to carry out his vision before retiring. He was counting on strength and growth to compete and build the Motorola brand. In 1983, Motorola had just weather the recession in the semiconductor industry and Galvin was ready to revive the company. However, with growth comes,growing pains. Conflict between layers of management caused delays in development and production. There was little control and discipline. International competition was looming. Japanese technology was expanding. As a corporation overall they needed to become more flexible and efficient in production. Motorola was not customer focused, and it was necessary for them to become more responsive to what the customer’s wants and needs were.

Motorola had such a complex hierarchy of management employees had no idea who was in charge of what operation. The many layers of management were a downfall for the corporation. It was difficult to commit to making any kind of decisions and ultimately inefficient and ineffective for employees and production. Also, lurking was Japanese competition. Japan was creating and selling new technology faster and cheaper than that of Motorola. Bob Galvin was about leave his legacy in turmoil if nothing was done. Definitive decisions need to be made instead of reiterating the problems with no solution. Motorola had many internal and external factors contributing to their assets, and flaws. All leaving room for growth and expansion by focusing on where there were opportunities to learn from and what was threatening to the company.

* Employee Focus
* Strong managerial succession plans
* Commitment to education of management and employees
* Variety of products
* Brand recognition

* Fail in chain management
* Unrecognized potential of Asian Market
* Products lack...
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