Motorola Business Strategy

Topics: Mobile phone, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: September 28, 2008
There are several strategy that Motorola use to gain competitive advantage to enter the market and widening their market opportunity to attract more customer to use their product.

1.Forward Integration strategies
Motorola also now has their own website to give various information related to product and services that their offer. Through the creation of the website are causing an e-commerce activity between user and the retailer. The Motorola website also can be choose in different language and consumer can contact each of Motorola retailer that avaiable each selected country. This help the company track their consumer more easily, save time and cut cost effectively. 2.Intensive strategies

Motorola also use this strategy to seek to increase market share, present product or services into new geographical area and improving their present product or services. For example, china has been selected has their next place to strategize their business. This help to better positioned to drive development of country that their selected in terms of wireless industry and to achieve win-win results with local customers, consumers and partners. For example in December 2007, Motorola announced the inauguration of its R&D complex in Wangjing, Beijing, a 92,000-sq.-meter complex that consists of one 16-floor office tower, three low-rise R&D buildings and one lab building, and will accommodate more than 3,000 Motorola employees, including 2,000 R&D engineers. More new product and services avaible that Motorola offer, for instance network service, wireless solution and new mobile phone for customer, business and government use.

3.Horizontal Integration strategies
Motorola has its strengths and weaknesses it also has its share of problems that include the threats that I mentioned above. They are faced with competition in the Vietnam Market from L G information Communications along with Information & Technology agreed to jointly develop equipment...
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