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Technical Proposal

Overview on Motorola Solution and WiNG 5

Motorola is the third largest vendor of wireless LAN access points with approximately 9% of the North American market and the Motorola WLAN portfolio offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless access points and controllers providing the flexibility to deploy the right solution for any deployment.

All Motorola network elements (access points and controllers alike) run the same Wireless Next Generation version 5 (WiNG 5) code, resulting in a self-aware network where the network elements communicate with each other. IT organizations benefit from simplified configuration and management of all elements of the network due to the homogenous code base – one user interface to learn for all access points and controllers on the network.

Motorola’s WiNG 5 architecture offers adaptive intelligent access points with onboard stateful firewalls and controller functionality. Each adaptive AP has dual, band-unlocked 802.11abgn radios with controller functionality that includes stateful firewall with local traffic routing, SMART RF to optimize channel selection and channel power. Every AP can independently apply security, route traffic, and make optimization decisions, such as power or load-sharing, in collaboration with its AP neighbors. With security at the edge, each AP is capable of supporting guest hotspot traffic that is completely isolated from the private wireless network.

By distributing the intelligence of the network, the responsibility for traffic management is removed which allows controllers to scale the number of access points supported. Motorola access points provide mobility services at the edge with the following features:

* Wired & Wireless Firewall
* Mobility – L2 and L3 stateful roaming
* Native IDS/IPS
* AAA Server for site survivable networks
* DHCP Server, with caching
* Dynamic RF Management with SMART RF
* Traffic Load-balancing with Rate Limiting and Bandwidth Management * Locally managed firmware updates and configurations
* Local troubleshooting capabilities with statistics aggregation

In addition to opportunistic pre-emptive key caching, Motorola access points share authentication credentials negotiated with the clients they support with the other access points in the network. This means the clients will be able to roam without having to re-authenticate every time they encounter an AP they have not previously associated to. Additionally, Motorola access points allow previously established wired VLANs to be extended to the wireless edge without requiring reconfiguration on the wired side. This allows wired VLANs to be accessible to wireless clients, and for wireless clients to roam across wired and wireless VLANs.

Technical Differentiators

Out of the box, Motorola’s infrastructure products have more Enterprise features included as part of the base product offering than any other vendor, including firewall, DHCP, NAT, AAA server, and wireless intrusion detection. ♦ Distributed networking routes data traffic at the edge of the network, not at the centralized controller. Distributed networking removes the bottleneck, drastically reducing network congestion and dramatically increasing network speed and performance. ♦ Motorola designed (internally) the WiNG 5 operating system using the Media Independent Network Transport (MINT) protocol. MINT enables network elements to communicate with each other, allowing them to share information that helps the self-aware network make the right decisions and provide optimum network performance ♦ Multiple integrated features: wireless, wired, security, and access point onto a single branch office application (Cisco is the closest major competitor and their ISR is not integrated – bolt-on requiring multiple management systems) ♦ Mot-on-Mot client to network technology that optimizes...
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