Motorcycle and Harley

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Executive Summary2
Company Profile4
4Ps of Harley-Davidson Marketing Mix Strategies5
Harley-Davidson’s Value and its Competitors9
Market segmentation10
Evaluation of the target market11
Harley-Davidson SWOT Analysis12
The 4 Areas of improvement and values13

Executive Summary

The researcher will discuss on Harley-Davidson (HD) and its marketing mix concepts and recommendation for improvement to market the USA brand in Malaysia. As the leader in manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles above 750cc capacity, HD has a role to play to promote the hobby of bikers worldwide and further capture the world’s market in other countries.

The researcher will also discuss on how HD use the marketing concepts, and theories to explore and evaluate two of its target markets such as young professional adults male and female age ranged between 30 to 50 years old. The marketing mix will explains the HD specific product i.e. HD Sportster, price positioning, places where HD can be purchased in Malaysia, the product’s promotional activities, people who are involved in product’s knowledge and customer service and the product’s quality.

Additional to this, this report also produce the four recommended ideas, which will be an added value to HD business in Malaysia:-

1. Harley Go Kart teenagers to get the feel of Harley product in their early life 2. Harley Executive Lounge as a meeting point for consumers to share their knowledge, experience and testing of Harley bikes 3. Harley University to provide comprehensive training on design and maintenance, for Harley’s mechanic, police or military technicians and update consumers on Harley’s products 4. Harley One Stop financial center to provide quality customer services for loan, insurance and medical programs Harley-Davidson should have a continuous improvement strategy plan and marketing planning, employee and management involvement, team building or employee training and empowerment. Marketing has a key responsibility to build relationship with the potential and existing customers. Introduction

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is one of the leaders in manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles heavy bikes towards long distance travel. The company was established in 1903 by William Harley and Walter, William and Arthur Davidson in a shed in Milwaukee. In early 1900, the company trademark was Harley’s bike; a 2 cylinders, V-twin engines (the fastest motorcycle at that time) and can reach a speed of 60 mph. During World War I, the demand for motorcycles shoot up the roof worldwide and Harley-Davidson (HD) became a leader in innovative engineering with its mystic appearance. But due to the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson manages to survive because of exports and sales to the military and police, others motorcycle companies has to shutdown.

Fig 1: Clockwise from top left:
William S. Harley, William A. Davidson, Walter Davidson, Sr., Arthur Davidson

Harley-Davidson prospered from the military usage of motorcycles during World War II. A total of 90,000 motorcycles were ordered by the military at record levels and earned them the coveted Army-Navy ‘E’ award for excellence in war time production. After the war, HD started producing the recreational bikes such as K-model (1952), Sportster (‘Superbike’, 1957), and Duo-Glide (1958).

American Machine and Foundry (AMF) took over Harley-Davidson in 1969, but due to poor sales in the late 1970’s, AMF put HD up for sales. Other reason was due to poor level of quality bike compared to the Japanese counterpart. However, in 1981 members of the HD management team bought the company from AMF, however the sales were getting worst. President Ronald Reagan increased the tariffs for 5 years on large Japanese motorcycles from 4.4% to 49.4% to rescue the United States...
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