Motor Dealer Sales and Inventory System

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Motor Dealer Inventory System

The aim of this paper is to study the concept of how a business handles the data that comes to them. By this study, we can show what kind of file keeping and file arranging they do to keep their daily transactions to the people who buy for them. We can also share all the products and the prices of the different cars they are selling. We will show the system data of how they handled their files. Inventory is the total amount of goods and/or materials contained in a store or factory at any given time. Store owners need to know the precise number of items on their shelves and storage areas in order to place orders or control losses. Factory managers need to know how many units of their products are available for customer orders. Restaurants need to order more food based on their current supplies and menu needs. All of this business relies on an inventory count to provide answers. The word 'inventory' can refer to both the total amount of goods and the act of counting them. Many companies take an inventory of their supplies on a regular basis in order to avoid running out of popular items. Others take an inventory to insure the number of items ordered matches the actual number of items counted physically. Shortages or overages after an inventory can indicate a problem with theft (called 'shrinkage' in retail circles) or inaccurate accounting practices. B. Statement of the Problem

How do they keep customer’s information record?

How many motors do they usually sell in a day?

Did they also have benefits or insurance to the customer if they buy motors from them?

Are they willing to have an installment payment basis?

Did they have any promos that can make their sales increase?

B.Objectives of the study

To show how they keep system files of their business in a good and presentable way.

To share useful data about how a Motor Dealer Company give...
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