Moto Coming to America

Topics: Culture, English-language films, Japanese culture Pages: 3 (1228 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Moto coming to America
Moto is a business man from Japan coming to America to negotiate a business deal with an American company. The case "Moto coming to America" shows the cultural differences between Japan and America. Moto is sent to America to make a decision on which contracting company to use as well as to work out pricing details, and in the process he realizes how different both cultures are. Moto took English classes throughout his life, and he also took intensive English classes for six months before coming to the US. Despite Moto’s knowledge of the language, he did not realize that his idea of business etiquette was still of a Japanese man. During his trip, Moto was introduced to a man named Kubushevsky. Kubushevsky was the person who taught Moto different things about the culture, and eventually open his eyes to new ideas and experiences. Moto first meeting was with the president of Allmack, Mr. Crowell. Moto presented his business card to Crowell as well as gift which he brought all the way from Japan. In Japan, the business card is an important instrument to learn about the other party as well as to give them respect for the effort it took to get to their current position. He thought that Crowell would appreciate his achievements and see that he was an important person from Japan. Apparently, Crowell was unaware of this Japanese business etiquette as he barely glanced at Moto's card before putting it in his pocket. Moto was somewhat hurt because he did not realize that this was a somewhat typical in America. Crowell was only interested in making a business deal. In the US, people often put these business cards in their pockets. Later, it will be thrown away together with some tissues and candy packaging, or they forget in their trouser pocket and it gets washed in the washing machine. In Japan, such behavior would show lots of disrespect.

Moto started to tell Crowell that his company was very pleased to do business with Allmack and he began...
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