Motivations for Threadless Member

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Motivations for Threadless member
Different theories suggest that individuals in the crowd are likely drawn to crowdsourcing applications for a number of reasons and that they are gratified in various ways through participation. There might be different motivations for members to participate. The ways in which individuals use and are gratified by new media technologies, such as the Internet, differ from ‘older’ media technologies, such as newspapers and television. Today, audiences do not merely use and seek pleasure from content; today, audiences are producers and consumers, what futurist Toffler (1980) called a ‘prosumer’, of media content. Threadless crowdsources designing process and though it is just a one process of whole business, different member have different motivations for designing the t-shirts. The motivations range from simple extrinsic motivators such as money to intrinsic motivators like addiction.

Making Money:
Threadless provide good opportunity to earn money sitting at home, provided you have good designing skills, creativity and your design is selected to print. It is a very strong motivator for many people and keeps people engaged for financial benefits.

Improving creative skills
As the member posts his design, there are various comments for the design. Some member are critical about design, some suggest improvement and some appreciate the design. This interaction gives many insights about the design to the member who posted the design, and helps him to know the short comings or appreciable part of his design, improving his creative skills.

The love of community
Members of the Threadless community all very much enjoy the communal aspects of the site and the friendships they have made through the site. Some Threadless members enjoy the dialogue in the blog and forum as a reason for engaging and coming back to the site again and again.

As there are contests going on, so even if a member doesn’t win, there is a...
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