Motivational Theories

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 16 (4894 words) Published: June 9, 2008
DATE:9th MAY 2008

I have been asked to describe how organizations motivational theories and practices and reward systems are informed by theory of motivation (P3); compare the use of motivational theories with the setting of the scene for the role play (M2); suggest, with justification based on your findings, ways of improving motivation and identify different reward schemes, and how issues might arise and be effectively overcome (D1). METHODOLOGY

I collected the information in my report from course notes and the Internet. ANALYSIS/FINDINGS
The Play.
Justify the use of motivational theories.
Suggest ways on improving the approach that I adopted.


On this report, I have been asked to construct and act out a small role play, which should last approximately ten minutes, demonstrating how a manager will draw upon various motivational techniques and theories whilst utilising reward schemes at an appraisal. I will need to demonstrate how effective communication skills are used in describing the strengths and weaknesses of a subordinate in such way that the subordinate recognizes the need to undertake a change in their approach to work. Motivational theories and practices that I used: theories of Mayo, Maslow and Hertzberg.

Chosen company: WALT DISNEY

Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt and Roy Disney as a small animation studio on October 16, 1923. Currently, it is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. Its main headquarters are located in Burbank, California, USA. It now has at least 135,000 employees. The Chronicles of Narnia, Lion King, and High School Musical are a few of the hit movies that the Company has produced.

Quinn April Salindo, one of the managers of the Company who is in charge of creating the movie.

Daniel, the worker, who has been promoted to be the head of the large group of gifted writers, and to assist the assistant director and the director.

Daniel has been working in the Company for five years. He was one of the lead writers of two Disney hit movies: he had seen the actual making of those movies but he had been given a big part in the makings of those movies. Currently, he is the team leader of a small group of writer in the Company who write stories and scripts for the grandest stage plays.

Walt Disney Company conducts an appraisal every year. It is the time when the performances of their employees are being reviewed. On this role play, Quinn April Salindo will be playing as the manager who will conduct an appraisal to her employee, Daniel Bougourt. Daniel, who is the Appraise, will have a one-on-one discussion with his Manager, Quinn. Daniel will be asked certain questions relating to his experience from doing his job; his opinions and feelings toward the Company; his strong and weak points; ways to enhance his skills and qualities, and granting incentives, reward and promotions. One of the highlights of this role play is the Company offering Daniel his dream job which is to lead a large group of talented writers in creating a movie. The Company has decided to produce another hit-making movie that will outstand the viewers and eventually become illustrious like the other hit Disney movies such as High School Musical and Narnia. This movie will be launched in 2012. The Company has chosen Daniel to be the head of the team of writers in creating a story and script for the new movie, and to assist the director and the assistant director in the actual taping of the film. Daniel has chosen because he has experience in the movie industry and vivacious stage plays; he is responsible, punctual, humble and honest. He is an open-minded person, accepts criticism and a good team leader. Above all, he has an...
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